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The Bible’s Greatest Prophecies Unlocked! A Voice Cries Out—CHAPTER THREE – DID GOD SEND NOSTRADAMUS?


Nostradamus has captured the world’s attention since the sixteenth century. His mysterious, cryptic writings have been the subject of endless debate. Hailed by millions, and known the world over, this man is among the most famous people in history.

Many believe Nostradamus’ writings hold the key to understanding the future’s greatest events. To followers, he accurately predicted the French Revolution—the rise of Napoleon—and then Adolf Hitler—the assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy—and the bombing of the World Trade Center—among others.

Nostradamus is revered as a prophet. But was he a true prophet—one sent by God—or a fraud—a false prophet?

Nostradamus has been the subject of many books and films, including popular television programs. According to one scholar, “…Nostradamus is probably the only author who could claim that his work has never been out of print for over 400 years, apart from the Bible. The interest he generates is extraordinary” (Erika CheethamThe Prophecies of Nostradamus). (more…)