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Jesus’ Teachings

Teachings of Jesus

Compiled by Timothy Conway, Ph.D.

On this page, let us explore the teachings ascribed to Jesus. Some of these teachings are no doubt much earlier and much more authentically from Jesus/Yeshua than other words that were attributed to him by later persons with a certain religious-political agenda. (For instance, note the clearly inauthentic, long-winded diatribes against the Pharisee Jews put into Jesus’ mouth in the Gospel of Matthew—when Jesus was himself a Pharisee Jew, not an Essene, Zealot, or Sadducee Jew.) For these teachings from rabbi Jesus we draw on the six best sources in our possession today—the reconstructed “Q-text,” the crucially important Gospel of Thomas, as well as the well-known synoptic textsGospel of MarkGospel of Luke, and Gospel of Matthew, and, finally, the well-known yet enigmatic Gospel of John.