What we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God.


Where Is the True Church? and Its Incredible History! Ch 1 WHERE IS GOD’S CHURCH TODAY?


In one of the most powerful, dramatic and profoundly important statements in the Bible, Jesus Christ declared, “I will build My Church” (Matt. 16:18). He did not say “churches,” “fellowships,” “sects,” “denominations” or “communities of believers.” No matter how men try to place an interpretation on it, this passage speaks of a single Church—of one, undivided organization! Jesus continued, “and the gates of hell [the grave] shall not prevail against it.” He promised that His Church could never be destroyed. (more…)

The Magical Message According to IÔANNÊS (St. John the Divine)

Commonly called the Gospel according to St. John. Are you ready for the esoteric message of the Gospel never before so clearly revealed? Contents: The Seen and the Unseen; The Four Evangels; The Drama of the Soul; Explanatory Note; The Magical Message according to Ioannes; The Prodigal Son; The Birth from Above; Index. St. John the mystic, calls to you. Listen to this inspiring message of faith, hope, love, and mystical achievement.That the teaching of Iêsous was largely allegorical is clearly apparent from the subject matter of the four Evangels, as well as from such express statements as that in Matthew xiii. 34: ” ALL these things Iêsous spoke to the people in parables, and without a parable he did not speak [anything] to them.” That the teaching had an inner and concealed meaning, divulged only to the few who were worthy to receive it, is evident from many passages in the New Testament; and it was so held by all the early Christian sects, and plainly admitted by the patristic writers. But, in addition to this allegorical teaching, certain rules of right-conduct are given, which constitute, not a mere arbitrary code of ethics, but one based upon the laws of man’s inner nature, his relation to Deity, to Nature, and to his fellow-beings. It is only by living according to these rules of right-conduct that the will of the man comes into harmony with the will of The God ; and in Iôannês (vii. 17) the final test is laid down : ” If any one wills to do his will, he shall have knowledge about the teaching, whether it is from The God.”  (more…)

The True Jesus Christ Unknown to Christianity—The Missing Years


When most people think of Jesus Christ’s time on earth as a human being, they think either of a dead Savior hanging from a cross or a helpless baby lying in a manger.

Few picture a growing, energetic boy who played games with His childhood friends and performed household chores. Few imagine God-in-the-flesh—a Man who sweated as He eagerly labored in His human father’s profession. Who may have had to diplomatically rebuff peer pressure from family and friends to get married and start a family—or to participate in any other activities that would have thwarted His supreme Purpose. Who freely laughed and expressed a good sense of humor. Who was unafraid to shed tears in empathy for others. Who enjoyed delicious food and drink, and life in general, yet always with perfect moderation. (more…)

The True Jesus Christ Unknown to Christianity—The Early Years


It started with Mary. She was a young Jewish girl engaged to Joseph, a carpenter. Mary thought she had her life planned: marriage, bearing children, raising a family, growing old together with Joseph, one day enjoying her own grandchildren and perhaps great-grandchildren.

Mary had no hint that she had been selected to experience a monumental, life-changing event, a major step that would be part of the overarching Plan of God, affecting all peoples—past, present and future. (more…)